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Carol Facchiano

Current School Board President, proud mother of 3 Parkland graduates, grandmother, Parkland Aquatic Club Office Administrator, 33 year Parkland Resident.

I am currently the President of the Parkland School Board and am proud to be in my 8th year of service. As a 33-year resident of the district, my Parkland pride remains as strong as ever.

My reason for serving on the school board has always been clear: to ensure that all students succeed through the education and opportunities available at Parkland. My own three children, now Parkland graduates, benefited immensely from their time here. It's my mission to ensure that current and future students experience the same high-quality education and opportunities.

I began my service to the Parkland School District in 1995 when my oldest child began at Fogelsville Elementary School. I became actively involved in their PTO, and in subsequent years, I stepped up to take on leadership roles within the Springhouse Middle School Partnership and Parkland’s Community Advisory Council. Since being elected to the School Board in 2015, I've had the privilege of serving as the School Board Vice President, the Board Representative for the Parkland Education Foundation, and being a part of various committees including the Academics/Arts/Athletics, Personnel & Finance, and Buildings & Grounds. Additionally, I serve on the board of the LCTI Joint Operating Committee, a collaborative body comprising representatives from all sending school districts.  

We face several challenges ahead, such as dealing with unfunded mandates that impact taxpayers, navigating the intricacies of charter school funding, and planning for the district's growth as indicated by the recent feasibility study. In every decision, I aim for the well-being and success of all students and community members, making choices with empathy for Parkland parents, offering unwavering support to our professional staff, and upholding a district that residents are always proud of.

Since 2007, my role as the Office Administrator for the Parkland Aquatic Club has taught me the value of providing a safe and nurturing environment for youth. We operate under the mission of empowering young people to be champions in life through excellence in swimming—a sentiment I hope to extend to education within our Parkland students.

I am running for reelection with the hope of continuing to bring experienced leadership to our ever-evolving Parkland community.

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