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Fiscally Responsible.


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Parkland Needs You!

Message from Chris
Please tell at least 5 friends to
Vote First Five
on the Parkland School Director ballot.

Candidate Experience by the Numbers

14 Children

14 Children of our candidates are attending or graduated from Parkland schools

28+ Years

28+ Years of combined School Board Experience

17+ Years

Teaching Experience

55+ Years

55+ Years combined Business Leadership Experience

100+ Years

100+ Years of combined

Local Volunteerism

Now is the time to celebrate Parkland's success.

Let's say 'No' to national divisive politics

We need your vote on November 7th,

but more importantly, we need your advocacy.

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Happy Kids

Local Endorsements

We are thrilled to be endorsed by local candidates who share our values and commitment to the Parkland School District.


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