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U.S. Rep. Susan Wild

PA 7th District

Having lived in the Lehigh Valley for over three decades, raising my own children here and watching them attend our public schools, I understand the profound significance of a school board that puts the welfare of its students, teachers, and community first. My entire life has been anchored in advocating for fairness, equal justice, and working tirelessly for the community — values that Marisa Ziegler, Jay Rohatgi, Lisa Roth, Carol Facchiano, and Chris Pirrotta embody in their commitment to the Parkland School District.

In these trying times when external pressures attempt to sow division within our community, we need a nonpartisan school board that deeply values the rich heritage and academic excellence of Parkland. Guided by the very same values my parents, from contrasting political backgrounds, instilled in me—looking out for one another, ensuring an equal voice for everyone, and striving for a better tomorrow for our children—it's clear to me that this team is poised to maintain Parkland’s legacy of unity and academic prowess.

I've spent my career in public service prioritizing the voices of Pennsylvanians and working to make a tangible difference. The slate presented by Marisa, Jay, Lisa, Carol, and Chris reflects this dedication. Let's ensure the continued prosperity of our district by supporting these dedicated, community-oriented individuals.

Rep Schlossberg speaking about mental health_edited.jpg

PA Rep. Mike Schlossberg

132nd District / Lehigh County

"As the parent of two Parkland students and a taxpayer in the district, I've observed with increasing concern the pressures from outside entities seeking to create divisions in our community. But here's the thing about Parkland: we've always prided ourselves on unity, resilience, and a shared commitment to excellence in education. That's why I'm standing firmly behind Marisa Ziegler, Jay Rohatgi, Lisa Roth, Carol Facchiano, and Chris Pirrotta. This nonpartisan slate embodies the true spirit of Parkland — a dedication to serving the best interests of our kids, teachers, and community at large.


We need level-headed, informed, and passionate individuals at the helm of our School Board, individuals who prioritize the education and welfare of our students above all else. This slate, with their diverse backgrounds and shared commitment to service, promises to bring the steady leadership our district so deeply deserves.


Now more than ever, let's elevate individuals who genuinely care about our community. Let's prioritize unity and education over divisive agendas. Vote for this team; they'll ensure that Parkland continues to thrive as a beacon of educational excellence."

We support candidates for the School Board who will contribute to a well-run district with excellent education for ALL district students, while continuing to have the lowest tax rate in the county.

Founded in 1852, PSEA began as an organization of teachers from across Pennsylvania who shared common goals of identifying best practices, sharing information, and working to elevate the teaching profession. In many ways, the history of PSEA reflects the history of public education in Pennsylvania.

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