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Jay Rohatgi

Jay is a business leader, a community volunteer, a Parkland parent, a husband, and an Indian immigrant. 

Jay is a parent of two Parkland kids, a successful business leader, and a local community volunteer. He is deeply involved within the school community as a board member for Parkland School District, LCTI, and Education Foundation. He is also the administrator of the Parkland Parents online forum, where parents help support each other.

Parkland School District has to manage a complex set of logistical challenges, including future anticipated growth. Now that the pandemic is hopefully in our rear-view mirror, he plans to work with administration and parents alike to ensure that our students are receiving the best education possible and get over the learning challenges faced during the pandemic. His experience in using technology to solve complex business problems uniquely prepares him for this challenge and enables him to help achieve the same success for the district. 

Jay is also a board member of the Indian American Association of Lehigh Valley, serves on the Lehigh County personnel review board, and volunteers for the Springhouse Science Olympiad team. Jay continues to give back to the local community that he is both privileged to be part of and hopes to continue representing.


Jay and his wife immigrated to America over two decades ago on a work visa with information technology education. He currently works as VP, Product Management at Infor, a very large software solutions company.


Jay previously came up short by 69 votes in the 2021 Parkland school board election. He was subsequently appointed to the position to fill a vacancy. He is now seeking a full term to continue this important work. 

"The history of our country shows that we have not always been kind to first or second generation of immigrants. This has been true from the early days of our country’s birth with Irish and Italian Americans, to the recent past when Asian Americans were unfairly targeted due to COVID and their perceived connection to it. However we have also seen that when all communities become part of the melting pot that is this country, wonderful things can happen. Some of the wonderful discoveries in technology, health, trade advancements, architecture, and scientific research have come from immigrant communities. I want to make sure all communities have a voice in the decision-making process of our wonderful school district."

Jay Rohatgi

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