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"So proud to live in a school district where the teachers, administrators and School Board are professional, practical and caring in their decisions and their policies. This reflects in the many successes which Parkland SD enjoys because of the work ethic that is so apparent to our district families and residents. Grateful for this level of dedication among all of our Parkland SD professionals."
"We are Parkland Proud! Our daughter went from receiving Title I Reading Support in elementary school to Advanced Placement courses in high-school! We owe it all to the dedicated teaching staff we met along the way.”
“I am proud of Parkland because they actively take pride in their approach of practicing inclusive education. They accept our children regardless of their status by offering them a safe and welcoming community, supportive structure and appropriate assistance. It is both refreshing and reassuring."
“I am proud of Parkland for encouraging different interests of all students so everyone can feel a sense of belonging. From academics and athletics to theater and leisure- The Parkland School District has always fostered growth and motivation to find your passion.”
" I am proud of the Parkland School District because their educators/staff are exceptional. Parkland has so many opportunities for their students, clubs, sports, groups and events to enrich their social, physical and educational lives. Students at Parkland are valued and challenged everyday it makes me proud to know my kids are getting the best education and experience. "
" I am the proud parent of a young man who grew up in the Parkland School District and is now in his final year at Penn State. I like that they provide essential resources to support and challenge their students academically, whether it be for special needs or advanced students. There are also so many opportunities to explore non-academic interests from athletics, the arts, clubs, etc. Transparency and communication have never been an issue with an abundance of parent/teacher gatherings throughout the school year and real time updates on homework and test scores through their web portal. I am impressed with how Administration, with teachers, parents and students address any problematic or sensitive issues as a team. The Board members we have had over the years, have exercised good governance and policies that focus on the success of the student. I hope that we continue to elect top level members to the PSD."

“Parkland proud”. If you’re from this district, you’ve heard that phrase countless times. But what does that mean? When you boil it down, sure, you think of having pride in your school, it’s teams, etc. But in this district, those words carry more weight than one may think. I started my educational career at Kratzer elementary in 2004. Throughout the years I attended OMS and Parkland High School. Throughout my college career I came back and observed in schools, and became a substitute after graduating. I applied for a teaching position and was hired as a long term substitute, which lead me to become a contracted teacher. The pride I feel being able to come back and teach in my home district, to see the impact we are making on students lives, the work we are doing here, is so important, and means so much to me. The bonds that are formed here last a life time. I would not be able to say I am still “Parkland proud” without the support and leadership this district has provided me since that day I stepped foot into my kindergarten classroom. The teachers, administrators, school board members, and community members are what make Parkland such an influential place not only to work in, but to learn in. I am so grateful for the experiences and opportunities I received as a student and continue to find now as a teacher. I am proud to say that I am a Parkland teacher and to know this district is doing so much for so many.

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